Friends, back in the day on the Retroist site we engaged in something we called Atari Day, where on the 26th of every month – a date chosen by fans to celebrate all things related to Atari. What better way than talking about 1982’s Dig Dug on a new Diary of an Arcade Employee podcast? Bear in mind that it was indeed the legendary Namco that developed and produced Dig Dug – however it was Atari that handled the distribution of the classic game here in North America as well as in Europe.

On the show I do cover the basics of Dig Dug as well as some strategies and a bit of the more interesting trivia concerning the game. I try my best to point out the people of interest that had a hand in creating such a classic arcade title – in addition I discuss my feelings on the similarities of the gameplay to another 1982 classic title, I am referring of course to Universal’s Mr. Do!.

For what it might be worth, on this episode I was able to share a really amazing and sort of rare piece of audio – related to the advertising of Dig Dug. Which was graciously uploaded by Matt Osborne, who just happens to have been the Son of the then Vice President of Atari. I have also included an interview with Matt and The Video Game Preservation Dump on his memories of this special audio treasure.

Now then, equip your best mining gear and join us as we delve into 1982’s Dig Dug!

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